Pliers, Micro Mini Flat Nose

  • $5.95

Pliers, Micro Mini Flat Nose. For bending wire at right angler, the flat nose has smooth jaws so it cannot mar soft metal. This series of pliers gives the user precise surgeon like control. Slim (only 3/16” x 1/8” at hinge pin) and ultra light, Micro Mini pliers are outstanding for delicate jobs. All are 5” in length. Box-joint construction, stainless steel, and curved, comfort-designed cushioned handles give the Micro Mini pliers an appeal that's hard to resist.

  • Made originally for the electronics trade. Precise control.
  • Slim and ultra-light. Outstanding for delicate jobs.
  • Box-joint construction, stainless steel.
  • Curved comfort-designed cushioned handles.
  • Made In Pakistan
SKU: PLR-580-05
UPC: 654207184447
BRAND: Euro Tool
MPN: PLR-580.05
Manufactured In: PK
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