Pliers - Multi-sized Looping Pliers

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Why have three separate bail making pliers when you can have one that does the job of three? Our Multi-Looping Pliers can make a variety of loops ranging from 2mm to 9mm for a variety of combinations. Made of stainless steel with double leaf springs these pliers are another first – invented by EURO TOOL.

  • Ideal for making a wide variety of loops with wire for jewelry and other crafts
  • Stainless Steel with double leaf springs
  • 6” (150mm) long
  • Can make loops ranging from 2mm to 9mm
  • Does the job of 3 separate looping pliers
SKU: PLR-736-00
UPC: 654207185864
BRAND: Euro Tool
MPN: PLR-736.00
Manufactured In: PK
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