Mahogany Ring Clamp With Metal Holder

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Our mahogany ring clamp and newly developed bench “pinin. allows the user to rotate rings and other items in virtually any direction for ease of work. Mahogany is the best wood available and this clamp features thick leather jaws for maximum grip along with a strong metal axle for long life. The ridge near the end keeps the clamp secure in the strong metal yoke. The “pinin. or yoke is made of 3/8 steel rod. When it is inserted into the bench it will not wobble but turns “on-axisin. for a solid feel and maximum control. With butcher block benches simply drill a 3/8 hole 3½ deep and insert the pin. You will get years of life from this fine set.

  • Allows user to rotate rings and other items in any direction while working
  • Made of mahogany with a metal axle
  • Features thick leather jaws
  • The yoke is made of 3/8” steel rod
  • Will not wobble or shake but will turn on its axis
SKU: RCL-653-20
UPC: 654207201366
BRAND: Euro Tool
MPN: RCL-653.20
Manufactured In: IN
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