Rolling Mill Pattern, Katagami I (5” X 7”) by RMR

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This 5” X 7” pattern is a low-relief, laser-engraved paper pattern for the rolling mill.Japan's Exquisite Paper Patterns: Originating in the Nara Period (710-794), katagami, or Japanese paper stencil patterns, were first used for applying designs in dye to leather goods such as stirrups and warrior helmets. They later came to be used for dyeing textiles and made great advances with the development of the kimono culture. The early paper stencil patterns were called Ise katagami since they were created in towns such as Shiroko and Jike on the shore of Ise Bay in former Ise Province (present-day Mie prefecture). They were sold all over Japan by itinerant traders. A journey to visit the roots of Ise katagami will give you insights into the heart of traditional Japanese culture. (text by Machico Yorozu)

  • 5” X 7”
  • Katagami I


UPC: 014891107830
BRAND: Rolling Mill Resource
MPN: J820
Made In: United States

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