3M™ 3” Scrubby Texturing Wheel Coarse

3M™ 3” Scrubby Texturing Wheel Coarse

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Also known as the 3M™ Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Wheels, these abrasives are great for sanding and texturing metals. They also work well for removing paint, stain and other coatings from most surfaces. They leave varying degrees brushed finishes; coarse, medium and fine; Perfect for that modern, distressed look.


Jewelry applications*: Excellent for cleaning medium to large size metal castings. Also great for adding a brushed texture to belt buckles, large pendants, silverware, etc.

Automotive and Woodworking applications*:
Ideal for sanding and removing paint, stain and coatings. Cleans up automotive trim, brightwork, paint, engine components and oxidized surfaces. Leaves a coarse brushed texture. Can also be used to sand turned wood pieces, bowls, carvings and more. Use thiese abrasives during the rougher stages of wood finishing and prep work.

Other fun applications*: Clean old golf clubs and drivers! Can also be used to add a texture to door handles.

Available in: Coarse, Medium & Fine grades and a 3-grade (3pc) Combo Set.
All wheels come pre-mounted with a Center Hub for use on the JOOLTOOL Spindle or the Brush Adapter

* Not recommended for carbide (high-carbon) metals, lapidary or glass.


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