Solder Station with 40W Iron

Solder Station with 40W Iron

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Solder Station with 40W Iron. The SL-5 Soldering Station is electronically controlled to provide 5 to 40 watts and is ideal for professional, students and hobbyists. The unit includes a holder funnel for the iron, sponge pad for cleaning the tip and an on/off indicator light. It is available assembled or kit form. The station that comes without a soldering iro. You may plug in any iron and obtain variable heat. It is suggested that you use 40 watt or 60 watt irons. This station comes complete with a 40 watt soldering iron providing you with variable heat- 5 watts to 40 watts. For general soldering requirements. Thisis a solder station in kit form. The soldering station is not included. You build the station with your own soldering iron(40 watt iron suggested). Ideal for student projects. A solder station in kit form using a 40 watt soldering iron that is included to build the station. The 40 watt soldering iron then becomes part of the station.

  • Comes complete w/ a 40 watt soldering iron
  • Provides variable heat 5 watts to 40 watts
  • For general soldering requirements
  • INCLUDES the SR6 deluxe soldering iron which uses the TIPK1 (6 pack) tips


SKU: SL-5-40
UPC: 756619001494
BRAND: Elenco
MPN: SL-5-40
Made In: China

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