Sheet Silver Solder Medium (5DWT) SS70 0.010” x 1” x 5” (aprox .25 T.O.)

Sheet Silver Solder Medium (5DWT) SS70 0.010” x 1” x 5” (aprox .25 T.O.)

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This sheet of medium silver solder is ideal for joins in fine and sterling silver pieces. Cut the sheet into whatever size each job requires; if needed, you can further reduce the 30-gauge thickness by passing it through a rolling mill. Cut the solder into pieces of whatever size each job requires. Sheet solder makes it easy to cut a variety of custom sizes for a wide range of tasks and workpiece sizes and shapes.


  • Country of origin : United States
  • Solidus (melt) temperature : 1,275°F (691°C)
  • Liquidus (flow) temperature : 1,360°F (738°C)
  • Density : Medium

Silver Solder

Designation  Flow Point, ºF (ºC) Melt point, ºF (ºC)
#56 (Extra Easy) 1205 (652) 1145 (618)
#65 (Easy) 1325 (718) 1240 (671)
#70 (Medium) 1360 (738) 1275 (690)
#75 (Hard) 1450 (788) 1365 (740)
UPC: 014891168725
Brand: Micro-Tools

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