HVAC Technician Master Tool Kit

  • $249.95

HVAC Technician Master Tool Kit. Complete Tool Kit for Troubleshooting HVAC Systems Includes Two Meters for Making All Critical Voltage, Current and Temperature Measurements. Includes: Heavy-Duty Black Canvas Zipper Case # C800, Autoranging Multimeter with temperature # M2625, Clamp Meter # ST1010, 8” Groove Pliers # ST95, Nut Drivers 3/16”,¼”,5/16” # ND3, Diagonal Pliers # ST26, Long Nose Pliers # ST34, #1 philiips screwdriver # ST71, #2 phillips screwdriver # ST71A, 3/16” slotted screwdriver # ST72, ¼” slotted screwdriver # ST72A, AC Line Splitter # ST74, AC Voltage Detector Probe # ST73, Pocket Flashlight # ST32, AC Receptacle Tester # ST38G (Kit)
  • Complete tool kit for troubleshooting HVAC systems
  • Includes two meters for making all critical voltage, current and temperature measurements
  • Heavy-duty black canvas zipper case
  • Heavy-Duty Black Canvas Zipper Case
SKU: TK-8100
UPC: 756619004112
BRAND: Elenco
MPN: TK-8100
Manufactured In: CN

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