Cutters - Tronex Lg Oval Head, Semi-Relief, Razor Flush Edg (Standard Handle)

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This cutter has a large oval head for strength and razor flush edges for precise cuts leaving almost no burr. This is a multi purpose tool, for making exceptionally flush cuts on thicker wire. Head width is .41” (10.5mm) at the widest point. Maximum cutting capacity is 14 AWG copper wire.
  • Recommended Cutting Capacity: 14 gauge and finer
  • Recommended Tip Cutting Capacity: 20 gauge and finer
  • Never cut hard or memory wire
  • Only cut soft metals such as: fine silver, gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, and copper
  • Made in US
SKU: TRO-5513
UPC: 014891160262
BRAND: Tronex
MPN: 5513
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