Cutters – Tronex Heavy Duty Cutter, Flush Edges (Standard Handle)

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This cutter has the strength to handle up to 12 gauge wire. This cutter has the standard handle length. The retention device restrains wide opening of the jaw in order to keep the coil spring in place. Head width is .6” (15.3mm) at the widest point. Always use cutters within their recommended wire diameter cutting capacities. Maximum cutting capacity is 12 AWG copper wire.

  • Recommended Cutting Capacity: 12 gauge and finer
  • Recommended Tip Cutting Capacity: 20 gauge and finer
  • Never cut hard or memory wire.
  • Only cut soft metals such as: fine silver, gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, and copper.
  • Made in US


SKU: TRO-5812
UPC: 014891160330
BRAND: Tronex
MPN: 5812
Made In: United States
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