Varta High Energy AAA 4 Pack

Varta High Energy AAA 4 Pack

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Varta High Energy AAA 4pk Retail Card Alkaline 1.5V LR3 Batteries Varta High Energy batteries provide unbeatable performance for energy-intensive applications.• Model: LR03• Size: AAA• Voltage: 1.5• Diameter: 0.413” • Height: 1.752” • Manufactured by Varta Major advantages are: • Powerful energy for power-hungry devices e.g. portable radios MP3 players CD players toys etc.• 10% more energy due to new Triple Energy Fusion Formula• Single Press Out packaging solution allows you to remove each battery separately and to distinguish new cells from used ones• Up to 10% better than comparable batteries• Optimized design Varta High Energy is best suited when you need reliable long lasting life from your everyday devices like:• Photoflash• Games• CD Players• Tape Players• Lighting• Toys• Remote Controls• Radios• Clocks Also Known As: LR03 MN2400 R03P SUM4 LR3 HP16 AM4 4003 E92 824 K3A SpecificationsBrand: Varta Output Voltage: 1.5V Chemistry: Alkaline Battery Size: AAA Height: 1.752" Diameter: 0.413"

  • Varta High Energy AAA 4pk Retail Card Alkaline LR3 Batteries
  • Height: 1.750 Diameter: 0.41
  • AAA
  • Alkaline Batteries > AAA Batteries


SKU: V4903121414
UPC: 4008496559749
BRAND: Varta
MPN: V4903121414
Made In: Germany

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