Zeeion with Flexodome for Nikon Combo

Zeeion with Flexodome for Nikon Combo

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FlexoDome features a ring to be attached to each specific camera body for hands-free operation. The cup on FlexoDome is uniquely designed to accept a variety of nozzles from different bulb blowers. Once attached to the camera body, FlexoDome acts as a fence against accidental contact between blower's nozzle and the camera's sensor. VisibleDust introduces new Improved Zeeion Supporting Back Filter. The new more ergonomic design allows: More efficient air-intake. Acts as a vertical support stand for Zeeion blower. Anti Static Property — *Silicon-RX is a unique compound used in construction of Zeeion blower to produce an anti static property. Unlike ordinary blowers made from regular rubber that increase static charges, the Zeeion blower allows an opposite charges of an air molecules to be blown at dust and sensor surface, therefore neutralizing the static charges for an easier and more efficient dust removal system. This advanced feature reduces the dust re-attachment to the surface by neutralizing the surface static charges. Dust Free Ejection — *One -Way Valve at front end of the Zeeion blower prevents dust intake during expansion from nozzle. Therefore, the intake of the air occurs from the back end far from contamination source. This results in ejecting cleaner air back to the surface unlike the ordinary blower that sucks in the dust from front nozzle close to contamination source during expansion. Projectile Free — *Filters are placed at less than 20 microns size at both ends to prevent intake of particles such as sands and quartz found in everyday environment, resulting in a particle free air ejection. This feature eliminates creating projectiles and the chance of producing nicks and cuts on the sensor when blown forcefully at them usually seen by using ordinary blowers. *Soft cap safety is placed in front of the nozzle to prevent accidental damage in case of contact with the sensor.

  • The included FlexoDome is specifically designed for use with Nikon F mount cameras and helps to maintain a safe working distance and also facilitates working with the camera in an inverted orientation for more effective dust removal
  • One-way valve at the tip of the nozzle prevents any dust from entering the blower during use
  • Filters placed at the tip and rear of the blower block sharp particles from entering the blower during use. The rear filter also serves as a convenient vertical stand for the blower


SKU: VD12724568
UPC: 797698812618
BRAND: Visible Dust
MPN: VD12724568

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