Zeeion Refill Filter

Zeeion Refill Filter

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The new Improved Zeeion Filters Refill is designed only for the Zeeion Sensor Blower. Package includes: Front filter(1), Supporting stand back filter (1). VisibleDust introduces new Improved Zeeion Supporting Back Filter. The new more ergonomic design allows: 1. More efficient air-intake. 2. Acts as a vertical support stand for Zeeion blower. These unique filters eliminate potential damage that can be caused to your sensor from dust projectiles when using the blower — a common problem with ordinary blowers. The Zeeion filters perform this task by removing quartz, sand and other particles less than 20 microns across. After prolonged use, the Zeeion Blower will need the filters replaced to maintain it's optimum performance. No other blower filtration system provides the advanced protection for your sensors and camera equipment, than the Zeeion Blower.

  • Designed only for the Zeeion Sensor Blower
  • Package includes: Front filter(1), Supporting stand back filter (1)


SKU: VD12880355
UPC: 797698812502
BRAND: Visible Dust
MPN: VD12880355
Made In: Canada

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