Xbow Lead Catcher for Small Cutters

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Stop chasing stray wire ends around your workshop with the Xbow Lead Catcher for Small Cutters. This handy device attaches to your cutter to catch those pesky wire ends right where you cut them.

  • Catches cut wire ends before they can fly away
  • Easily installs onto large XBow cutters
  • Keeps your workspace tidy and organized

Tired of spending time crawling around on the floor looking for wire ends that shoot off your cutters? This lead catcher neatly catches and contains those cut ends right at the source. No more wasted time and frustration trying to locate stray wires.

The Xbow Lead Catcher is a must-have accessory for any wire worker or hobbyist using large XBow cutters. Keep your workspace clean and safe while saving yourself the hassle. Order today and take control of those unruly wire ends!

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