Cutters - Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Cutter - Lead Retainer (590F)

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Cut through wire fatigue with the revolutionary Xuron® Micro-Pneumatic™ Cutter - the ultimate solution for fast, ergonomic and precision lead cutting.

Key features/benefits bullet:

  • Ultra-quiet, fast-acting pneumatic cutter designed for comfort and productivity
  • Lightweight, compact size fits comfortably in hand even after prolonged use
  • Cuts soft wire up to 16 AWG (1.27mm) with a flush, precise cut
  • Built-in lead retainer catches cut-off wires for a clean work area
  • Requires just 50 PSI air pressure for power and efficiency

The Micro-Pneumatic™ Lead Cutter delivers best-in-class speed and precision to boost productivity. The pneumatic design activates quickly and quietly to cut through wire cleanly and accurately. Combined with the ergonomic shape and lightweight build, the cutter reduces fatigue and discomfort even during long shifts.

This cutter is ideal for manufacturing operators, electricians and engineers who cut wire all day. The pneumatic power and compact size allow for smooth, effortless cutting without hand strain. With less fatigue, you can focus on the task at hand and produce higher quality work. The lead retainer also keeps the work area tidy for a cleaner and safer workspace. Ditch slow, clumsy cutters for the fast precision of the Micro-Pneumatic™.

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