DeoxIT gold G100L Mini-Brush Applicator, 100% Sol, 1.6mL

DeoxIT gold G100L Mini-Brush Applicator, 100% Sol, 1.6mL

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This is a unique contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and protectant for PLATED metal surfaces. It improves conductivity, maintains optimum signal quality, reduces fretting and dendrite corrosion, and stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals. It molecularly bonds to both base-metals and plated surfaces and seals out oxygen, protecting both surfaces. The DeoxIT Gold coating is excellent at reducing wear abrasion, arcing, RFI and intermittent connections and improves connector performance/reliability. Ideal for gold plated surfaces. On oxidized surfaces, pre-treat with DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaner.

  • Improves Conductivity Maintains Optimum Signal Quality
  • Protects Base Metals from Oxidation And Prevents Dendrite and Fretting Corrosion
  • Forms Protective Anti-Tarnishing Layer
  • Reduces Arcing RFI and Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Wear and Abrasion


SKU: G100L-16BX
UPC: 697429004315
BRAND: Caig Laboratories
MPN: G100L-16BX
Made In: United States

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