Tronex - P547/P747 • Flat Nose Pliers - Chainmaille Stubby

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Very short tips, flat nose pliers are used for gripping, opening and closing jump rings. Tronex offers a standard duty version and a heavier duty version along with straight and oblique tips.

P547 • Overall Length: 4.6” (117mm) - Tip Length: .45” (11mm)
P747 • Overall Length: 5.6” (142mm) - Tip Length: .45” (11mm)

Recommended gauge usage: 16awg and finer AA or BA/ 18awg SS

Please visit our "Selecting The Right Pliers" guide to help in the selection of the right pliers.


Oblique Nosed Chainmaille Pliers

You may have heard these referred to as angled, oblique or chisel nosed pliers. To simplify things, I will just refer to them as oblique nosed. The oblique nosed pliers have a couple of great advantages. 

(#1) If you try using two flat nosed pliers, you have to hold them at 180 degrees from each other to get the best grip on the ring. This position in not comfortable for most and either you end up with sore wrists or you aren’t getting the best possible grip on the rings. 

When using a pair of oblique nosed pliers in conjunction with a pair of flat nosed pliers, your hands end up being at much more natural and comfortable positions.

(#2) A pair of oblique nosed pliers can also be flipped over and used to get into tight spaces instead of having to have another pair of pliers.

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