Pliers - Xuron® Long Nose (485) - Blue or Black Handles

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Precision and control at your fingertips with the Xuron® Long Nose Pliers - Blue or Black Handles.

Key features/benefits:

  • Thin profile design for access into tight spaces
  • Radiused edges prevent wire damage
  • Drop-forged for strength and durability
  • Cushioned grips provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue
  • Ideal for precision wire work, electronics, assembling small parts

Engineered with precision electronics work in mind, these long nose pliers give you the delicate touch needed for detailed wire harness manufacturing, circuit board assembly, and other intricate jobs. The specially designed thin profile nose can reach into dense wire bundles and cramped spaces that ordinary pliers can't access. Radiused outer edges ensure no accidental marking or scarring of delicate wires and components too.

If you're an electronic technician, electrician, or anyone who works with small electronics or electrical components, these pliers will make your intricate assembly and wiring tasks easier and more efficient. The comfortable cushioned grips reduce hand strain so you can work longer without fatigue. Durable drop-forged steel construction also withstands years of regular use on the job or at your workbench at home. Why struggle with pliers that aren't designed for detail work? Equip yourself with the Xuron long nose pliers to take your skills to the next level.

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