Hammer, Fretz New Precisionsmith Set

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A Collection of Fretz Mimi Hammers.

This Set Includes :


  • HMR-401 Precisionsmith Planishing Hammer
  • HMR-402 Precisionsmith Wide Raising Hammer
  • HMR-403 Precisionsmith Narrow Raising Hammer
  • HMR-404 Precisionsmith Large Embossing Hammer
  • HMR-405 Precisionsmith Small Embossing Hammer
  • HMR-406 Precisionsmith Riveting /Texturing Hammer
  • HMR-408 Precisionsmith Rounded Narrow Hammer
  • HMR-409 Precisionsmith Rounded Wide Hammer
  • HMR-412 Precisionsmith Sharp Texturing Hammer
  • HMR-413 Precisionsmith Petite Sharp Hammer
  • HMR-417 Precisionsmith Chasing Hammer


Types of Hammers & Their Uses

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UPC: 014891106697
Brand: Fretz
Manufactured In: Vietnam