Glardon vallorbe - Pillar Checkering Files - LP1136

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Checkering files are parallel in width and gently tapered in thickness. Over cut is parallel to file edges and uncut is 90 degree to over cut. Checkering files are used for putting serrations on knife edges and to obtain a checkered design similar to a gun handgrip. Measurements given are at thickest point. Checkering files have different teeth or lines per square inch standards than ordinary precision files.  Below is a listing of cuts and lines per square inch (LPSI) for both the 6" Hand Checkering files and 6" Pillar Checkering files:

Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files are measured from the point where the teeth begin to the end of the file. A 6" precision file will measure 8-1/2" long from tip to end of tang, but it is called a 6" file.

The coarser the file the more metal is removed. Files are graded as below:

  • Cut 00 - Very coarse
  • Cut 0 - Coarse
  • Cut 1 - Coarse/Medium
  • Cut 2 - Medium
  • Cut 3 - Medium/Fine
  • Cut 4 - Fine
  • Cut 6 - Extra Fine

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