Grounded Pliers – Tronex Fine Bent Nose For Micro Welders - Bent Long Tip (557/757)

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Grounded Tronex Precision P557/P757 Bent Nose Pliers for Orion, PUK & Unbranded permanent jewelry welders. Used for grounding chain in order to close a link. Most permanent jewelry welders come standard with alligator clips for grounding. Pliers make the task of welding permanent jewelry faster and they give you better control. Use these precision pliers to achieve a better grasp of one link of fine chain. 

  • Premium grade precision pliers
  • Standard or Long Ergonomic Length Handles
  • 1mm wide tip for better handling
  • Banana connector keeps the pliers connected securely to the welder
  • Banana connector is removable if you desire a shorter cord
  • 5' of grounding cable giving you more flexibility
  • 18 AWG High Quality Ultra Flexible Soft Silicone Rubber Copper Wire
  • Wire permanently attached to pliers
  • Made in USA

P557G • Overall Length: 5.3” (135mm) - Tip Length: 1.1” (28mm)
P757G • Overall Length: 6.3” (160mm) - Tip Length: 1.1” (28mm)

When Using For Wire Forming, recommended gauge usage (Soft Copper Wire):

  • Throat: 18 gauge and finer
  • Tips: 24 gauge and finer
Never Use Memory Wire

Please visit our "Selecting The Right Pliers" guide to help in the selection of the right pliers.

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