Jeweler's Basics® - Tweezers, Screw Holding - 4.75"

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Tired of fumbling with tiny parts and pieces? Grab and hold them with ease using the Jeweler's Basics® Screw Holding Tweezers. These 4.75" stainless steel tweezers feature precisely machined slanted tips designed to firmly grip screws, beads, pins, and other small objects without damaging them. Key features:

  • Non-magnetic, stainless steel screw holding tips
  • Lightweight aluminum handle for comfort
  • Ideal 4.75 inch length for detailed work
  • Allows you to securely maneuver small items into place
    Jewelers, hobbyists, and craftsmen will love these screwdriver tweezers for assembling and repairing delicate items requiring a steady hand. The non-slip, contoured handle provides maximum control so you can position and place tiny parts with total precision. Ditch the frustration and achieve your vision - grab these essential tweezers for your toolbox today!

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