Knipex Tools - Bent Nose, Smooth Jaw Pliers, Multi-Component

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Small, fine and safe: the bent nose pliers for fine installation work

Tips at an angle of 45°: 115 mm long for a great deal of freedom of movement even where space is restricted

There is little room to move when working on electronic equipment, printed circuit boards and precision constructions such as measuring equipment or delicate apparatus. A compact tool is therefore needed which can also be used to work well even in poorly accessible areas.

With a length of just 115 mm and their slim, flat head, the 35 42 115 electronics pliers from Knipex are the ideal tool for the delicate gripping, holding and bending of sensitive components. The gripping surfaces are smooth ground to protect sensitive surfaces. The tips are at a 45° angle for ideal access also to concealed parts.

Smooth operating and accurate, with box joint design and double spring

Gripping, holding and bending of small and sensitive components requires gripping pliers to achieve the accurate, well-measured transmission of manual force to the component. The mechanics of the Knipex 35 42 115 are very finely adjusted. The box joint is solid and smooth operating, because the inner handle is guided on both sides by the outer handle. This ensures precise running without any tilting effect. The low friction double spring supports the gentle opening of the pliers, which relieves strain, especially during frequently recurring work.

High Knipex quality standards and safety rust protection

The handles of the Knipex 35 42 115 electronics pliers are forged from special tool steel, oil-hardened, carefully deburred, mirror-polished and completed with opening spring and rivet to produce gripping pliers. For safety reasons, these electronics pliers do not use chrome-plating as rust protection, because pieces of chrome that peel off could damage circuits. The mirror polish in conjunction with a fine oil film applied in the factory provides perfectly adequate corrosion protection for the pliers during workshop use. It is sufficient if the oil film is replaced occasionally.

  • Precision pliers for fine assembly work, e g. in electronics and fine mechanics
  • For gripping, holding and bending
  • Sturdy, zero backlash box joint
  • Smooth ground gripping surfaces
  • Edges carefully deburred
  • Low-friction double spring for gentle and even opening
  • The polish or mirror polish together with a fine film of oil offer effective rust protection - no circuit faults caused by peeling chrome from plated tools
  • 45° bent, half-round jaws
  • Ball bearing chrome steel, oil hardened
SKU: 35-42-115
UPC: 843221004569
Brand: Knipex
MPN: 35 42 115
Made In: Germany

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