Kodak Repair Kits

We are pleased to provide you with the most information we possibly can on Kodak Projector Repair.  We offer many of the manufacturer’s parts & repair manuals, our own manual that covers the most common repair, as well as a wide selection of parts.  In addition, we have created videos and instructions, so that you can repair your own projector if you feel comfortable doing so.  If you will be unable to repair your projector using all of this FREE information that we have provided, we are more than happy to offer our repair services.  

We are unable to provide additional troubleshooting (by email or phone) beyond what is available in the manuals, instructions, and videos.  If you cannot locate the information that pertains to your particular situation, we will be happy to accept your projector for repair.  We also offer refurbished projectors for sale on our website. 

For more information on repairs, and the instruction manuals and videos available, please visit http://kodakparts.com/.

To purchase parts, or to see the projectors we offer for sale, you can do so right here.

To purchase refurbished Carousel Projectors. http://micro-tools.com/refurbcarousel


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