Melissa Muir

Melissa Muir

Melissa’s jewelry making journey began in 2004 as a creative outlet while working as a professional computer trainer in the Washington, DC area. She started by playing with wire and a cheap pair of pliers from a local craft store. It was never her intention to make jewelry as a living or even on the scale of which she does now. Her first formal jewelry making workshop was in the summer of 2005 where she was introduced to basic soldering techniques. From that point on, she was smitten! She has attended a few jewelry making workshops to help strengthen certain skill sets. Most recently she has attended several semesters in the metalsmithing program offered at the University of Akron in Ohio, where her skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

As she continued to play and work with wire and fire, it became apparent to her and those around that she has quite a natural talent in the jewelry arts. She is still amazed when a simple sheet of metal and length of wire become a piece of wearable art. It isn't uncommon to find her in stunned silence after finishing a complex piece, wondering how in the world it came from her head and hands.

After moving to the Akron area in Ohio with her husband and two young daughters, she decided it was a good time to get serious about jewelry making and see where she could take it. She has not been disappointed. And based on the comments of my customers, they haven't been disappointed either.

While she enjoys creating unique jewelry items, her passion lies in teaching. Her classes are filled with energy and an easy-going atmosphere. Her goal is to have her students walk out comfortable with new techniques and confident in their own jewelry making ability. Working as a professional computer trainer for 10 years she learned that there are many ways to teach, and each person learns differently. She strives to use that knowledge to benefit her students. When you take a class from her, she won't ever "leave you in the dust". She will do her very best to make sure you understand the concept and technique that are being covering in that course. She looks forward to expanding her teaching opportunities.

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