Melissa Muir, Metalwerx

All About the Finish Line: Polishing and Surface Treatments

Melissa Muir
Demonstration: Tuesday October 20 at 12:00 PM EST

In this demonstration, Melissa will focus on techniques for finishing using a variety of flex shaft bits and hand tools. Some techniques covered include: an overview of some of the numerous accessories and how to choose the right one, addressing flat surfaces vs. curved surfaces and small areas, when it's appropriate to use a rotary tool as well as how to achieve a high polish with a flex shaft/micro motor. Learn more about how to apply different finishes to your work and increase your skill set! 

Melissa Muir is a designer, metalsmith and educator. She is known for being the Queen of Tools. Her YouTube channel features Tool Time Tuesday and Weekend Jewelry school where she gives tool reviews, tutorials, comparisons and much more to help both the beginner and advancing jeweler. She has worked closely with some of the top educators in the industry including Alan Revere where she has produced videos for his book "Professional Jewelry Making" and Facebook group "Let's Make Professional Jewelry." She has worked to educate jewelers by partnering with companies such as Foredom, Durston, Micro-Tools, Gesswein, Potter USA, Otto Frei, Halstead Bead, Pepetools, Sunstone Engineering and many more. She has written how-to articles for Art Jewelry Magazine and Admins several popular Facebook jewelry groups. Melissa currently lives in Utah with her husband and three daughters. 

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