ZAPP PLUS™ Budget Permanent Jewelry Welder

  • $1,353.90
  • Save $5


The Zapp Plus is an entry-level permanent jewelry welder with more power and an advanced stylus. The Zapp Plus has an extended energy range, advanced stylus with available extension, 3-year warranty, and is proudly made in the USA.

  • 1-30 J Energy Range in Single-Joule Increments
  • Advanced Stylus
  • Removeable Stylus Cord—Ready for Stylus Extension for Anklets
  • Argon-Ready
  • Made in the USA
  • US-based Customer Service
  • Easiest Permanent Jewelry Welder to Learn and Use!
  • Uses Premium Orion® Tungsten Electrodes
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Starting at $1,299 USD, the Zapp Plus permanent jewelry welder provides a low-cost solution to start your permanent jewelry business!



  • 1-30 Joule Energy Range. The Zapp Plus provides an extended energy range of 1-30 Joules in single Joule increments. Close any jump ring or chain! Make simple jewelry repairs! Create your own jewelry!

  • Advanced Stylus. The Zapp Plus is paired with the same advanced stylus you see on Orion permanent jewelry welders. Better welding results!

  • Stylus Extension. The Zapp Plus stylus cord can be extended up to nine feet using the Sunstone stylus extension cord. Perfect for anklets!

  • Longer Stylus Length. The Zapp Plus comes standard with a 44.25" tip-to-tip stylus cord—the longest among any other welder!

  • Argon Ready. The Zapp Plus is argon-ready connecting to any argon source, such as the Argon Mini. Enjoy cleaner, stronger welding results! Boost customer satisfaction!

  • Premium Electrodes. The Zapp Plus uses premium Orion tungsten electrodes, known for delivering consistent welding results. 

  • Built by Experts. Sunstone's in-house engineering team has decades of cumulative micro welding experience, the micro welder experts. Choose dependability and expertise!


As a starter welder, the Zapp Plus helps you gain a toehold in permanent jewelry and build your business. When the time is right you’ll want to trade your Zapp Plus for an Orion permanent jewelry welder, such as the Orion PJ, that offers more power, more energy control, more precision, more safety features, and more customization—a professional welder used by more PJ artists than any other welder.


Built on the success and dependability of the Zapp, the Zapp Plus provides double the power and an advanced stylus. Made in the USA and designed by an engineering team with many years of micro welding expertise, you can count on the Zapp to provide years of safe, reliable service.

With the Zapp Plus, you'll never unintentionally shock you or your customers with an unsafe welder or one not intended to be used for permanent jewelry. You'll never have to modify a stylus to avoid an unwanted electrical buzz or jolt. The Zapp Plus is a true PJ welder backed by Sunstone's 15 years of micro welding experience—the micro welder experts.


With a Sunstone permanent jewelry welder you can connect four different optical options to the Zapp Plus:

  • Standard ADL. The ADL lights up your workspace as well as protects your eyes. The ADL (auto darkening lens) will darken whenever the Zapp Plus welds.

  • Upgraded ADL. If you want a larger view of the workspace, try the Upgraded ADL—all the features of the Standard ADL but with more viewing space.

  • PJ Scope™. With 5X optics the PJ Scope lets you see every detail of the chain or jump ring you wish to close while protecting your eyes. The PJ Scope is light, mobile, and perfect for pop-up's and other emote events.

  • Orion Arm Microscope. All of the features of the PJ Scope but intended for brick-and-mortar locations. Provides more positional flexibility.


When buying from Micro-Tools, ALL Zapp Plus welders come with 2 FREE pairs of Jewelers Basics® Grounded Locking Hemostats, both straight and curved tipped. Locking Hemostats/Forceps are great for holding links and jump rings when welding them for permanent jewelry. These 6.25" long, grounded hemostats have smooth jaws, unlike the serrated jaws of traditional hemostats. This is a $60 value.


When purchase the Zapp Plus with optics, we'll also include the famous PJ Kit to help jumpstart your business. What's in the kit?

  • Two Shade 5 Welding Glasses
  • Safety Leather Patch
  • Grounded Precision Plier
  • Ungrounded Precision Plier
  • Chain Cutter
  • 10’ of Stainless Steel Practice Chain
  • Door Cling Graphic
  • 6” Metal Ruler
  • Small Tape Measure


    • Zapp Plus Permanent Jewelry Welder for Beginners
    • Power Adaptor
    • Power Cord
    • (3) 1 mm Premium Electrodes
    • 7' Argon Tubing
    • Orion Welding Stylus with Detachable Cord
    • Precision Ground Clip
    • Standard Alligator Clip
    • Metal Welding Practice Card
    • Stylus Holder
    • Your Choice of Optics with the Orion PJ Accessory Kit
    • Comprehensive Operator's Manual
    • Straight Tipped Smooth Jawed Grounded Locking Hemostats
    • Curved Tipped Smooth Jawed Grounded Locking Hemostats


      The differences between the Zapp and Zapp Plus are:

      • Energy Range. The Zapp Plus has an energy range of 1-30 Joules. The Zapp has an energy range of 3-10 Joules. Both models are suitable for permanent jewelry.
      • Stylus. The Zapp Plus uses an advanced stylus that provides a better welding experience. The Zapp uses a budget stylus that provides satisfactory welding results.
      • Stylus Extension. The Zapp Plus will accept a stylus extension cord that provides up to nine feet in cord length, which is great for anklets. The Zapp does not have this option.



      Orion is professional line of permanent jewelry welders manufactured by Sunstone. The Zapp Plus was designed as a beginner's welder with a price that makes starting your own permanent jewelry business easier. As your business grows you'll need more energy control, more power, and safety features, all of which you'll find in the Orion line of permanent jewelry welders.



      • Removable Stylus for Maximum Extension, Portability
      • Advanced Stylus
      • Energy Dial for Faster Energy Selection
      • Choice of Optics
      • Made in the USA
      • Expert Design and Manufacturing
      • Keeps Welding After Tens of Thousands of Welds and More!
      • 5-Star Customer Service


      This product is also available online with Circle Plan!


      The Zapp Plus is manufactured in the USA and help is just a phone call away! In minutes you'll be speaking with a US-based, native-English speaking and experienced customer service representative ready to solve your permanent jewelry welding challenges. Call or text +1 801-658-0015. Our customers love our products but they rave about our service!


      The popularity and demand for permanent jewelry creates a wonderful business opportunity. You don't have to be a jeweler to be a permanent jewelry artist. With the Orion mPulse and practice you can quickly learn to close even the smallest fine chain bracelet or anklet. All you need are the right tools.

      Let's take a quick look at the numbers:

      Most permanent jewelry artists are investing about USD $4,000 for all the tools and supplies they need to get started. You may invest a bit more, or bit less depending upon the type of chain you sell. To breakeven, sell 100 anklets or bracelets at USD $40.

      How quickly can you sell 100 bracelets or anklets?

      At fairs or home parties, some permanent jewelry artists are selling 10 chains in two to three hours. Given that rate, you'll break even after only 10 events! Of course, these numbers will change due to a number of different possibilities; but it does give you an idea of how quickly you can recoup your investment.

      How do you sell permanent jewelry?

      Fair, farmers markets, and home parties seem to have the biggest return. Or add permanent jewelry to your existing jewelry studio, beauty shop, boutique, tattoo or piercing studio.


        ONE: Measure Out the Chain
        After your customer has chosen their preferred chain, wrap the chain around the wrist or ankle and determine a fit that is not too tight nor too loose.  Mark the link on the chain you will cut.

        TWO: Cut the Chain
        Using the cutting pliers that come with the Sunstone Permanent Jewelry Kit, cut one side of the link in half. Do NOT cut the whole link in half.  Make sure the cut link does not fall off the chain.

        THREE: Prep the Link for Welding
        Using the two chain pliers that come with your kit, bend the two ends of the cut link away from each other to create a gap wide enough to slide the uncut link (on the opposite side of the chain) through the cut link.  Then bend the ends of the cut link back together.  This step is much easier if you purchase the Orion mPulse with 5x microscopic optics.

        FOUR: Keep Your Customers Safe
        Place your customer's wrist or ankle under the automatic darkening lens, with the lens facing the customer.  Instruct others in the room not to look directly at the chain when welding. Place the protective leather patch between the chain and your customer's skin to prevent a burn, which is unlikely but possible. Make sure your customer records the next step and posts to social media.

        FIVE: Weld the Link Closed
        On the Orion mPulse, select the power you'll need to weld the link closed. If you're unsure, start with a low amount of power, like 3 joules. Using the chain pliers that come with your kit, apply pressure to both ends of the cut link to bring them together. While maintaining pressure on both ends with the pliers, touch the joint to the electrode. The Orion mPulse will create a weld. Check the weld for position and strength.

        SIX: Polish the Chain
        Take the fiberglass brush that comes with your kit and polish the weld.  Some types of metal will leave more soot than others.

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