MPULSE 2 Permanent Jewelry Welder

  • $3,200.05
  • Save $15

The all-new Orion mPulse 2, the pinnacle of permanent jewelry welders. No joke.

Why you’ll love the new Orion mPulse™:

  • Front-facing Stylus and Ground Ports
  • 3 Ground Ports—Two in the front, one in the back
  • Adaptive Footprint—Place horizontally or vertically
  • Longest Stylus Cord—72.75" tip to tip!
  • Redesigned Stylus for unmatched durability
  • Tru-Fire Technology™ Inside
  • 1-30 Joule Dual Zone Power Range
  • Built-in Power Supply
  • Advanced Digital Touchscreen Display
  • 14 Software Backgrounds
  • Updateable Software
  • Vinyl Skins for a Unique Look
  • New! Choose a Stylus Color
  • 3-Year Warranty

Front-Facing Ports

Exactly what you wanted: Front-facing ports for the stylus and ground! Quick connections and easy cable management.

The Longest Stylus Cord Length

From tip to tip, you get 72.75" of stylus cord. Conquer any anklet, necklace, or body chain!

Adaptable Footprint

Place the Orion mPulse horizontally or vertically to fit any workspace.

Tru-Fire Technology™ Inside

More consistent welding with fewer misfires, making welding easier than ever.

Advanced Digital Touchscreen

Smooth, ultra-sensitive, bright, and crisp. Wait until you swipe your finger on it.

Dual Zone Power Range

Quickly find your desired power setting. Lower power settings (1-15) adjust by half a Joule, while higher settings (above 15) adjust by a full Joule.

Keep Software Up to Date

Use the USB port on the back to update the software when new versions are available.

Optics: You Have Many Options

Choose the best optics for you:

  • 5x Arm Microscope
  • 5x PJ Scope
  • Upgraded ADL with Clear Screen
  • Basic ADL

Certified Safe

Orion® permanent jewelry welders are ETL and CE certified or in the process of certification. Uncertified welders are not cool.

Add Color to Your Stylus

Choose from five different stylus colors: Electric Blue, PJ Pink, Very Violet, Antique Bronze, and Classic Black. Only Sunstone could make something so cool. Pick your favorite color when you get the Orion mPulse or buy a colored stylus for your current welder!

Buy From Micro-Tools and Receive over $350 in Free Tools

Skin Your mPulse!

Choose a vinyl skin for your Orion mPulse that fits your vibe. We send you the skin, and you put it on. Lots of skins to choose from. Watch your competition turn green with envy!

3-Year Warranty and Yankee Doodle Dandy!

With the Sunstone name, you can expect dependability, way beyond a million welds. Enjoy a three-year warranty, or add the Sunstone Circle protection plan for a "forever" warranty and other VIP perks. Proudly manufactured by American workers, your welder is skillfully assembled and carefully tested before reaching your home.


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