StickTite Instant Magnifying Lenses for Glasses and Goggles

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Works Great on Welding Glasses

Available in 6 different diopters for clear, convenient magnification

From +1.25 all the way up to +3.0, we've got a lens that helps you see clearly so you can stay in the game.

  • INSTANT STICK-ON MAGNIFIERS: Transform any set of non-prescription eyewear into instant bifocals with our stick-on lenses that are thin, flexible, and secure.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Within minutes, you can begin using your stick-on bifocals anywhere you use your non-prescription eyewear. Simply remove the lenses from the packaging, wet with cleaning solution or water, and apply the readers directly to the inside of your eyewear of choice.
  • STICK-ON MAGNIFIERS FOR SUNGLASSES: Perfect for the beach, the pool, the golf course or any outside activity. There's no need for costly prescription sunglasses when you can transform your favorite pair into bifocals.
  • MAGNIFIED READING ANYWHERE: Convert any eyewear into magnifiers; safety glasses, swimming, scuba, ski, or cycling goggles, and more. Whether working or playing, you don’t have to give-up magnified optics.
  • PATENTED ADHESION TECHNOLOGY: Our bifocal lenses stick to eyewear without adhesives and don't leave behind any residue, so you can use them over and over again on different glasses.







StickTite Lenses

With our patented adhesion technology, StickTite lenses stay put in all conditions, even underwater.

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