Sensor Cleaning Inspection Loupe by Micnova 7x

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  • Save $10

The Micnova MQ-7X has been awarded the #1 pick for sensor inspection devices by the pros over at the CleaningDigitalCameras web site. This 7 power 6 LED sensor inspection loupe is great, not only for the APS-C sensors, but it is also one of the few on the market that works with full frame sensors as well. With the six vari-angled super bright LED lights, it helps to make a 3D image of dust particles, just like the satellites capture stereoscopic images. Once it is fixed to the camera, it is possible to spot where the location of the dust particles, defects or scratches on the sensor, and provides fantastic assistance for sensor cleaning.
  • Lightweight and compacts
  • Saves lots of time with sensor cleaning
  • Powerful 7x optical glass so you can see the smallest dust particles
  • Uses Two CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries
  • High optical magnification and 6 vari-angled super bright LED lights
UPC: 04897040882293
BRAND: Micnova