Pliers - Xuron® Xuro-Former™ Lead Former Max Wire 0.030” (573)

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Bend and shape wires with ease using the patented Xuron Xuro-FormerTM Lead Former! This innovative plier effortlessly forms lead wires up to 0.030 inches thick into perfect loops and angles.

  • Patented strain relief design controls radius and depth of bends
  • Adjustable slide lock prevents unintended changes to settings
  • High carbon steel construction for durability
  • Non-slip Xuro-Rubber grips provide comfort and control

The Xuro-Former takes the frustration and inconsistency out of wire forming. Its smart slide adjuster and locking mechanism let you dial in the exact bend you need, while the precision ground jaws shape wires smoothly and accurately. If you work with delicate wires and leads, this is a must-have tool that will make your projects easier and improve your results.

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