Pliers® - Xuron Xuro-Former™ Lead Former - Max Wire 0.050” (573L)

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Shape and form delicate wires into precisely controlled radii with ease using the revolutionary Pliers - Xuron® Xuro-Former™ Lead Former.

Key features/benefits:

  • Patented design with slide adjuster provides unmatched control over bend radius and depth
  • Handles wires up to 0.050 inches thick with precision and ease
  • High carbon steel construction ensures durability and strength
  • Ergonomic, non-slip grips offer superior comfort even during extended use
  • Lightweight at just 7 oz for reduced hand fatigue
  • Glare-free black finish enables clear view of your work

The genius behind the Pliers® - Xuron Xuro-Former™ lies in its patented slide adjuster that lets you lock in the exact radius and depth you need for any wire-forming task. No more guessing or inconsistent bends - just perfectly uniform shapes every time. The high carbon steel construction also provides exceptional strength to form wires up to 0.050 inches thick without distortion.

Jewelry makers, electronics technicians, model builders, and other wire workers will love how the Pliers - Xuron® Xuro-Former™ allows them to efficiently form precision wire components with total control. The ergonomic grips reduce hand strain during long work sessions, while the lightweight body and glare-free finish improve comfort and visibility. For anyone who works with delicate wires and leads, this ingenious tool is a must-have for boosting productivity and consistency.

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