Cutters - Xuron® Cut & Crimp - Soft Wire to 20 AWG (670)

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Cut wires and crimp leads with surgical precision using the Xuron® Cut & Crimp - Soft Wire to 20 AWG (670). This innovative tool will revolutionize your workflow.

  • Slim profile (0.085”) allows easy access in tight spaces
  • High carbon steel construction guarantees durability
  • Ultra lightweight with an ergonomic, non-slip grip for comfort
  • Cuts and crimps soft wire up to 20 AWG (0.8mm)

With its slim profile, the 670 provides excellent sight lines for precise positioning and accessibility in high density areas. The swaged leads attach firmly to the PCB while the freshly exposed lead material enhances solderability. Made of durable high carbon steel, this lightweight tool features a non-slip, ergonomic grip to reduce hand fatigue.

For those seeking a versatile, heavy-duty cut and crimp tool, the Xuron 670 is the ideal solution. Its surgical precision and slim form factor make wire work a breeze. Transform your workflow and improve efficiency with this innovative cutting and crimping tool.

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