Cutters - Xuron Bio-Shear® Flush RH - Tapered Tip (8500RT)

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Cut through the clutter with the new Xuron Bio-Shear® Flush RH - Tapered Tip! This innovative cutter features an ergonomic curved grip that keeps your hand in the optimal position for smooth, effortless cutting. The tapered tips let you make precise snips in tight spaces while the flush action gets right up against surfaces for clean, seamless cuts.

With its comfort-focused design, the Bio-Shear protects your hands, wrists, and fingers during repetitive cutting tasks. Key features include:

  • Ergonomic curved grip reduces hand strain
  • Tapered tips for detailed trimming in tight areas
  • Flush cutting action for clean results against surfaces

Tired of fighting fatigue during intricate cutting jobs? Bring ease and accuracy to your work with the Xuron Bio-Shear Flush RH cutter. Its tapered design and supreme comfort are perfect for crafters, model-builders, and other creatives who want to cut all day in comfort.

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