Xuron® Field Service Tool Kit (TK2100)

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The Xuron® Field Service Tool Kit takes your modeling game to the next level with precision tools designed for detailed work.

Key features/benefits:

  • Includes 3 essential modeling hand tools: High Precision Shear, Tweezer Nose Pliers, and Modeler's Scissor
  • Durable protective tri-fold pouch keeps tools safe and organized
  • Extra pockets fit tweezers, scribing tools, ruler - everything you need in one kit

With the Xuron Field Service Kit, you'll have the high-quality specialized tools you need for intricate modeling and assembly work. The precision shear, tweezer pliers, and curved modeler's scissors are ideal for cutting, shaping, and detailing plastic and metal parts. The sharp, micro-serrated blades prevent slipping and tearing. The ergonomic handles ensure comfort and control.

This kit is perfect for scale model builders, RC enthusiasts, crafters, and anyone who needs to trim, snip, and manipulate small components with detail and accuracy. The secure pouch with extra pockets allows you to keep your modeling tools protected yet easily accessible. No more rummaging around for the right tool - the Xuron kit will organize your workspace and upgrade your modeling game.

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