Xuron® Photo-Etch Tool Kit (TK3600)

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The Xuron® Photo-Etch Tool Kit is the must-have accessory for every scale model builder. With this kit in your hands, you'll be ready to take on even the most intricate photo-etch projects.

Key features/benefits:

  • Contains 3 specialized tools: Scissor, TweezerNose® Pliers, and Micro Bending Pliers
  • Scissor designed specifically for precision cutting of photo-etch parts
  • TweezerNose® Pliers provide superb control when placing delicate parts
  • Micro Bending Pliers create accurate folds and bends in photo-etch pieces
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee
  • Bundled in a durable canvas pouch to keep tools protected and organized

This thoughtfully designed kit provides all the right tools you need for working with photo-etch parts. The scissor glides smoothly to make clean, detailed cuts. The ultra fine tips on the TweezerNose® Pliers give you pinpoint precision when handling tiny parts. And the Micro Bending Pliers help you make crisp folds and bends that bring your models to life. With this trifecta of specialized tools, you'll have the control and accuracy needed for photo-etch projects.

Scale model builders know that photo-etch parts can transform kits into works of art. But working with these delicate metal pieces requires specialty tools designed specifically for the task. The Xuron Photo-Etch Tool Kit equips modelers with the right implements they need for cutting, bending, and placing photo-etch parts. With the control these professional-grade tools provide, model builders can complete photo-etch projects with confidence and take their models to the next level. The included canvas pouch keeps everything organized and protected, making this kit a must-have accessory for those working with photo-etch.

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