TK4100 Chainmaille Pliers Kit, 3pc (ver. 3.0)

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Attention! Chainmaille artists - revolutionize your craft with the TK4100 Chainmaille Pliers Kit. This set of 3 specialized pliers helps you create intricate weaves faster and with ease.

  • Short Nose, Chisel Nose, and 90° Bent Nose pliers designed specifically for chainmaille
  • Durable, high-quality construction made in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee for lasting performance
  • Bundled in a handy tri-fold pouch for organization and portability

With ergonomic handles and precision tips, these pliers become natural extensions of your hands. The Chisel Nose pliers easily open jump rings and interlock them with speed and accuracy. The Short Nose pliers grip rings tightly to seamlessly connect them. And the 90° Bent Nose pliers get into tight spaces that fingers can't.

Take your chainmaille artistry to the next level with tools designed by chainmaille experts. The TK4100 Pliers Kit helps you work faster, smarter, and create show-stopping pieces with intricate patterns. Upgrade your essential gear and enjoy the art of weaving even more.

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My New Go To Chainmail Pliers

These are great! They have a good tactile feel to them. It feels like I’m using less pressure to open and close rings which helps my hands and reduces the number of times rings are slipping. The chisel nose and chainmail nose have been my go to on my current project but the bent nose ones will be great on future projects that aren’t as cramped as my current one. All in all they’re the best I’ve tried. I almost want to get a second kit so I have two of each plier.

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