Learn From A Pro

Curt Fargo has been photographing for over 40 years. Curt graduated from the Naval School of Photography, and served six years as a Naval photographer, photographing a wide variety of subjects throughout the world. He still enjoys shooting and teaching photography.

Curt entered the service side of photography in 1980, when he graduated from National Camera Repair School. Since then he has been an educator, supplier, publisher, manufacturer, and author in the camera repair industry. In 2000 Curt became deeply involved in sensor cleaning, training camera repair technicians on safe and proper sensor cleaning techniques, and advocating for all photographers to be able to clean their own sensors. Curt is the co-author of www.cleaningdigitalcameras.com.

Sensor Cleaning Demystified

Learn to clean your sensor safely and efficiently from an expert with over 15 years’ experience. Cleaning your sensor only takes minutes, just a fraction of the time you spend removing sensor dust in processing. This training demystifies sensor cleaning with simple steps for safely and effectively cleaning any DSLR or mirrorless sensor. You'll be taught by Curt Fargo, one of the world's leading professional sensor cleaning educators who has been teaching sensor cleaning since DSLRs were released in early 2000. After providing a brief history of sensor cleaning, Curt dives into the details of simple steps that anyone can perform. You will learn how to examine your sensor, when to use both dry and wet sensor cleaning methods, and how to perform each method. More importantly, you'll learn the precautions that ensure safe sensor cleaning every time. Time permitting, Curt also provides free one-on-one training as he cleans the sensors of all in attendance. Curt Fargo is an educator, factory-trained camera repairman with ' over 20 years’ experience, a Certified Photographic Consultant, and has photographed professionally and semi-professionally for over 40 years. He is also the co· founder of www.CleaningDigitalCameras.com. You will also be able to have your camera cleaned by Curt for free while you watch and learn to do it yourself.

If you have an event or group meeting where you would like to offer this class, please contact eMail Curt at support@thedustpatrol.com.

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