GRS - Tool Blank, Glensteel

GRS - Tool Blank, Glensteel

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This “Blank Inch graver has *no* pre-shaped angle and should be shaped and sharpened properly before use. Use this versatile graver to create a tool for background removal, fine line engraving, general engraving, and a variety of stone setting techniques. Length: 2.7? (70 mm). Width: 0.093? (2.35 mm). Use with Traditional QC Tool Holder (#004-803). GlenSteel is a special high-speed steel made exclusively by GRS for tough engraving and stone setting. Gravers made with GlenSteel will not break or chip like other tools and are easier to grind and sharpen than other HSS tools. GlenSteel is cobalt-free, eliminating the concerns of cobalt exposure during tool sharpening and use. GRS designed these GlenSteel gravers with this in mind. Dimensions: 0.093 Inch (2.35 mm) square by 2.7 Inch (70 mm).

  • No preshaped angle allows for maximum customization
  • Can be shaped and sharpened for a variety of stone setting & engraving needs
  • Cobalt-free high-speed steel


SKU: 002-120
UPC: 196943900023
MPN: 002-120
Made In: United States

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