GRS - NSK Emax EVOlution Standard Set W/Lever Type Handpiece, 120V

GRS - NSK Emax EVOlution Standard Set W/Lever Type Handpiece, 120V

  • $1,321.00

Introducing the NSK Emax EVOlution, the newest version of the Emax Micro-Motor system (#002-910-EMAX). The Emax EVOlution model is a top choice for engravers, jewelers, artists, and craftsmen who need micro-grinding technology. It features an all new brushless motor system for smooth and quiet operation in either forward or reverse mode with surprising torque and vibration-free rotation.

With gradual starting circuitry, quick stop mechanisms, and feedback circuitry built into this system, the new Emax EVOlution maintains constant speeds even under load — and an electronic breaker shuts off the motor for protection in the event of an overload. The control unit features a 4.75? diameter Speed Control Volume dial with a digital Motor Speed Display, a color-coded Load Meter, and Memory Speed Function.

This unit features the Lever Type release on the handpiece.

— Standard Motor Speeds: 1,000~40,000 rpm
— Well balanced design allows unhindered precision work
— Easily portable – plug into any 115V outlet (Item #002-910-EVO only)
— Counter and clockwise (forward and reverse) rotation
— Direction and speed can be adjusted from the control unit
— Versatile design allows interchangeability of handpieces
— Blue On/Off switch on handpiece for easy control

Included in Standard Set:

  • Control Unit
  • Lever Type Handpiece
  • (1) Collet Chuck 1/8?
  • (1) Collet Chuck 3/32?
  • Handpiece Holder & Stand
  • Wrench (7 x 5.1)
  • Pin Wrench

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SKU: 002-910-EVO
UPC: 196943900313
Brand: GRS
MPN: 002-910-EVO
Made In: United States

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