GRS - Slide & Lock Original Tall Workholding Fixture Complete with Tru-Axis

  • $460.00

This is the complete version of the GRS Slide & Lock system including the optional Tru-Axis.

Developed by JA Master Bench Jeweler Jeff Matthews working with Glendo GRS, the Slide & Lock complete system with the Tru-Axis is meant for jewelers who work with a microscope. With this set up, jewelers can re-position the height of your work (4” vertical travel for Tru-Axis mount) for easy adjustments or to move to the next task.

The Complete GRS Slide & Lock with Tru-Axis is a real time saver for the jewelers who works with a microscope and also does other tasks without a microscope at the same bench. It can save you time as you move through the steps of fabricating and setting. 

Use it with anything that attaches to the GRS Fixed Mounting Plate 104.557 (004-557) as in BenchMates, Engraving Block Shelf(s), Bench Pins and Multi-Purpose Vises. The Slide & Lock Original Tall Workholding Fixture will accommodate 8” of vertical travel when not used with the Tru-Axis.

  • Supports for two separate tools at once
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and weariness in hands, necks and back
  • Positions work for viewing through microscope or Optivisor
  • Easily slide the holder into position and lock it
  • Adjust height position in seconds
  • Tools can be set at height above work surface
  • Lock is easily reversed for right or left-hand use
  • Supports a maximum of 35 lbs

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SKU: 004-759
UPC: 196943900825
Brand: GRS
MPN: 004-759

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