GRS - Glensteel 105 V-point Graver

GRS - Glensteel 105 V-point Graver

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Preshaped to 105° but should be sharpened properly before use. A V-Point or Square Shank is a versatile shape perfect for background removal, fine line engraving, general engraving, shading techniques, and comes in a wide variety of geometries (cutting point angles). Width: 3/32” square shank. Use with Traditional QC Tool Holder (#004-803).

GRS offers a family of V-shaped gravers made from GlenSteel HSS. What is GlenSteel? GlenSteel is a special high-speed steel (HSS) made by GRS. It features outstanding toughness to resist breaking and chipping, even with a slender, fine geometry. It wears predictably to help eliminate catastrophic tool failures that damage work and confidence. GlenSteel is an excellent all-around choice for professionals and hobbyists when a tough graver is needed. GlenSteel is cobalt-free, eliminating the concerns of cobalt exposure during tool sharpening and use. Made with a precision V-Point geometry and a convenient 3/32” square shank. Available in 60, 75, 105, and 120 degree preshaped points. Simply sharpen the face, add a heel, and the GlenSteel V-Point Graver is ready to use.

• Versatile shape for many geometries
• Preshaped to a 105° V-point angle for the cutting edge
• Perfect for background removal, fine line engraving, general engraving, and shading techniques


SKU: 022-592
UPC: 196943901143
Brand: GRS
MPN: 022-592
Made In: United States

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