Stabilant 22A, 15ml Service Kit

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Stabilant 22A - 007-020-015: Liquid Semi-Conductor: (15 ml pre-mixed with isopropyl alcohol)
For vastly improved contacts between electrical connections...

***This product can be shipped using GROUND SHIPPING ONLY... because it contains a small quantity of isopropyl, it is shipped under the Small Quantity guidelines with the proper labeling and by ground only. 

Especially excellent for stabilizing computer and copier card connections. Coat your DIMMs and other plugs-ins with Stabilant 22 or 22A. It is extremely well documented that this material will increase the reliability of your equipment by increasing conductivity by 10-100 times. You can use this material to help solve difficult connectivity issues. In many cases communication problems can be solved by using the Stabillant in the card connections and other connectors. This material is wonderful for repairing older equipment where connectivity problems come up ... but also it is an excellent preventative product for use when installing new equipment as well. Read the Tech Info - an article by our own Britt Horvat, originallly published in ENX Magazine.

What is Stabilant 22?

Stabilant 22 is an initially non-conductive amorphous-semi-conductive block polymer that when used in thin films within contacts acts under the effect of the electric field and switches to a conductive state. The electric field gradient at which this occurs is established during its manufacture so that the material will remain non-conductive between adjacent contacts in a multiple pin connector environment.

Thus, when applied to electromechanical contacts, Stabilant 22 provides the connection reliability of a soldered joint without bonding the contacting surfaces together.

Chemically, Stabilant 22 is a polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropyline block polymer with molecular weight of about 2800. It has a very low vapor pressure and therefor there is no appreciable loss of material from evaporation. It has been in some applications for more than fifteen years without renewal, and it is probably safe to say that in the majority of cases, the equipment on which it is used will be retired for obsolescence before the Stabilant must be renewed. In its undiluted form at room temperature (Stabilant 22) it has the viscosity of a medium weight motor oil, although it thins out with increasing temperature, starting to decompose into the two polymers it is formed from about 240 ° Celsius.

What are its uses?

Stabilant 22 is used to increase the reliability of contacts. Tenfold to one hundred fold increases are not unusual. At the present time it is used in many different type of contacts, including card edge connectors, D-Type connectors, MIL-spec connector signal switches etc.

The material can be used in manufacturing, in service facilities and in the field.

Because of the ease of application, Stabilants allow service personnel in the field to catch and correct those faults caused by unreliable connector operation; making it unnecessary in many cases, to return the equipment for shop service. Thus, the amount of float is significantly reduced.

It also permits the use of a shotgun approach. (i.e. treating all connectors in a system as if they were faulty) In this way, many of the erratic and often non reproducible faults typical of erratic connectors, can be corrected by service personnel who are no expert diagnosticians. This can considerably increase the speed of service as it reduces bottlenecks created by the usual limited availability of diagnostic facilities of expert personnel.

Stabilant 22, Stabilant 22A, and Stabilant 22E are used in electronics where equipment failure can cost lives; equipment such as biomedical electronics in hospitals, as well as aircraft navigation and instrument landing systems.

What is its service life?

Obviously there will be some loss of the material through attrition, such as when connectors are unplugged; however, the Stabilant material has a very low vapor pressure and thus, loss due to evaporation is virtually nonexistent. Accelerants and curing agents that are frequently present in thermoset plastics and rubber compounds do not cause cross linking or varnishing of the Stabilants.Chemically, the Stabilants have a very low reactivity and will not affect the materials used in electronics.

Quite often, electronic systems treated with Stabilants are still working by the time when they are replaced as obsolete while the non treated equivalents have been retired as non serviceable. We have had reports of otherwise unreliable equipment which has functioned perfectly for over fifteen years after treatment.

The shelf life of the Stabilants is well in excess of fifteen years.

In what forms are Stabilants available?

The Partsdrop offers the 5 ml kit which makes approximately 20ml of Stabilant 22a when mixed with isopropyl alcohol. Stabilants are also available packaged in 15 ml, 5O mL, lOO mL, 25O mL and 5OO mL containers for both the Concentrate (Stabilant 22). The Partsdrop also stocks Stabilant 22A in 15 ml bottles (pre-mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol... in thsi form, it can be shipped only by Ground shipping under limited quantity rules. The concentrate is also supplied in 1 Liter bottles.

Because of the 4:1 dilution of the diluted Stabilants, they will generally cost about one fifth the amount of the concentrate, although, obviously, it is the concentrate that does the job. The alcohol which you mix into the Stabilant 22 to make 22a is just there as a solvent to carry the concentrate into place, once it's there, the alcohol evaporates. This can be applied to socketed IC's without removing them from the sockets. The concentrate on the other hand is often used as an insertion aid when inserting multiple pin IC's because of its lubricating properties.

Is Stabilant 'just another contact cleaner'?

No, Stabilant 22 is an electrically active material which staysresidentwithin a contact pair, there enhancing conductivity without causing electrical leakage between adjacent contacts. Thus large quantities of the material do not have to be hosed on as is the case with cleaners. While Stabilant 22does have a detergent action it is not sold as a cleaner, just as it has a good lubricant action but is not sold as a lubricant.

Stabilants are often used to service older equipment and in many cases, the use of the Stabilants to treat all of the system's connectors is sufficient to restore non-functioning electronics to full operational status.

Just how much should be used?

Normally, a film thickness of about 0.5 to 1 mils of the concentrate is more than enough. In other words, you want just enough to fill up the minute gaps within the contacts. Where Stabilant 22A or Stabilant 22E is used, be sure to allow for the evaporation of the alcohol which forms 4/5th's of the volume.

Both shop and field application of the material is simple. A small amount is used to coat the pins of the connector. Because it does not short-out between adjacent contacts over application need not be cleaned off the connector body. There is a dropper tip on the 5 ml, the 15 mL and the 50 mL bottle of Stabilant 22A, which may be used. Or the material may be transferred to a brush. On card edge connectors the material may be applied to one end of the connector and fingertip wiped the length of the connector.

When treating socketed IC's, a bead of Stabilant 22A or Stabilant 22E should be run along the pin and allowed to 'Wick down into the connector. In stubborn cases, the IC may have to be moved a small amount to break the pin to socket contact seal on all pins. Generally, pressing firmly down on the IC to reset it will provide enough movement.

Because of the diagnostic difficulties of isolating connector related fault condition the Stabilant materials are often used to treat all the contacts in a system before more sophisticated diagnostic procedures are run; under these circumstances we are told that in many instances, no further repair work is necessary.

Is the material hazardous?

Yes. Because it contains a small quantity of isopropyl, it is shipped under the Small Quantity guidelines with the proper labeling and by UPS ground only.

    • 15 mL of Stabilant22A (isopropanol diluted) has NATO Stock # 5999-21-900-6937
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