Knew Concepts Flex-mount Face Shield With Led Lights And 2x Magnified Lens

Knew Concepts Flex-mount Face Shield With Led Lights And 2x Magnified Lens

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Designed to mount onto the Dovetail Accessory Plate, the LED face shield protects your face from flying crud, while giving you bright, warm white, shadowless light, close up to your work, regardless of if you’re using a Bench Pin, a GRS Benchmate, Wax Lathe, or any one of the other great tools that mount onto a standard dovetail plate.

The face shield has a 2” x 4”, 2X magnifying lens made in the US by Donegan Optical: the same people who make the original Optivisor—the standard by which the copies are judged. The lens has a 10” focal distance, so you can get a closer view of whatever you’re working on without needing to climb right in on it. The four inch width of the lens lets you use both eyes, so you keep both your distance and your depth perception.

The 6” x 8” polycarbonate face shield has 18 high intensity LED lights in two fully diffused banks for bright, clear light, without shadows, right where you need it, without sacrificing valuable bench space, or interfering with your tools. Rather than requiring you to use one bench pin, one way, this flexible shield lets you use any dovetail tool you want, any way you want.

The electrical cable is designed with a quick disconnect near the mounting point, so that you can run the cable once, then connect it easily whenever you need it, and disconnect it cleanly when you don’t.

Except for the polycarbonate shield itself, the lens, and the flexible neck, all of the structural components are machined from solid aluminum for maximum durability, right here in Santa Cruz.

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