Menda - Reztore Hand Lotion, Unscented 32oz

Menda - Reztore Hand Lotion, Unscented 32oz

  • $27.89

The Menda Reztore hand lotion is free of chemicals that may adversely affect solderability or cause corrosion of electronic components. This lotion versus others reduces contamination that can cause solderability problems.

  • No Fragrance and No dyes making it acceptable for use in clean rooms.
  • Silicone Free to reduce contamination problems
  • Special Dissitpative ESD formulation helps provide a reliable path-to-ground when using wrist staps or ESD gloves for the electronic manufacturing environment
  • Contains Vitamins A, D, E and Aloe Vera to moisturize dry hands


SKU: 35667
UPC: 363674132188
BRAND: Menda
MPN: 35667
Made In: United States

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