Zam Crocus Polishing Compound for Jewelry

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This compound provides a lustrous finish, yet doesn’t require the pre-finish a rouge can. These versatile compounds allow you to polish most metals, softer stones, epoxies and plastics. Hint: Avoid surface drag lines on stone, epoxy or plastic by not letting the buff get too hot. Use with soft stones or any metal.

Formulated especially for silver and turquoise jewelry. Will not scratch soft stones such as turquoise. Time-saving to use, since stones do not have to be removed before buffing a new piece. Leaves a high luster without residue. Fast clean-up, does not cling to or penetrate surface of stones. Versatile, many goldsmiths prefer ZAM to rouge as a final finish.

• Use with tight-weave muslin wheels.
• Mildly abrasive.
• Initial surfaces should be prepared with Tripoli or White Diamond.

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