Tip Cutters, Angulated Cutter 50° Long Oval Flush Cutter

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Cutting edges at an angle to the board are preferred when access to the object being cut is very limited or when the work area is very crowded. 5072/7072 features a robust, large cutting head that is excellent for cutting several leads in a single cut.

5072 • Overall Length: 4.8” (122mm) - Tip Length: .69” (17.5mm)
7072 • Overall Length: 5.8” (147mm) - Tip Length: .69” (17.5mm)

Please visit our "Selecting a Cutter" guide to help in the selection of the right cutter.

All Cutting Capacity Ratings are for soft copper wire.

Cut Inch MM AWG
5072/7072 Flush 0.008 - 0.0403 0.2032 - 1.02362 32-18


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