Soldering Iron Tip, Antex, Needle Iron

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This iron-plated needle point tip is for the Antex G/3U Soldering Iron (G-3U) and other Antex miniature soldering iron. Tip diameter is tapered to 0.012 Inch prior to the iron plating; iron plating adds approximately 0.01 Inch to the tip diameter. The Antex tips are made from a special copper alloy giving them maximum strength at high temperatures and maximum heat conductivity for rapid heat-up and recovery times. All tips slide onto the heating element easily; there are no set screw to freeze or threads to bind.

  • Needle Tip, Iron Plated


SKU: 8-I
UPC: 014891163799
BRAND: Antex
MPN: 8-I
Made In: United States

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