Alpha 24mm Sensor Cleaning Swabs (100 bulk pk) (Yellow)

  • $127.95

Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs are very similar to the swabs primarily used by professionals from 1998-2015, but with 3 main improvements. The predecessor to this swab was used by more photographers and repair stations than all others combined. With the predecessor's departure from the marketplace, The Dust Patrol found a USA manufacturer and came up with their improved version at a favorable price point. Shorter Paddle – a shorter paddle provides minimal flexing and better visibility. Thicker Handle – a thicker handle provides minimal flexing and a better grip. Color Coded – color coding by size makes easier for the technician who is cleaning multiple different cameras to quickly grab the right swab for the right camera.

  • For Camera with Full Frame Sensors
  • 100 Alpha 24mm Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs
  • Bulk Pack for The Professional
  • The Best Sensor Cleaning Swabs Available
  • Made in the USA
SKU: A24-100
UPC: 014891167216
BRAND: The Dust Patrol
MPN: A24-100
B042D Y
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