Jeweler's Basics® - Steel Riveting Block

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Elevate your jewelry pieces with the professionally formed, consistent rivets that this steel riveting block makes possible.

  • Pre-cut wire lengths perfectly with the built-in gauges
  • Create uniform "heads" on both sides of rivets in the 1.8mm deep holes
  • Rivet flawless eyelets without crushing them using the different sized circles
  • Endless options with dimples, circles, and indentations across the surface

Forget about uneven, subpar rivets wasting your precious materials. This specialty tool takes all the hassle and inconsistency out of quality riveting.

Finally, you can efficiently produce expert-level rivets and eyelets to take your designs to new heights. Jewelry makers of every skill level will love crafting intricate pieces faster and with more polish than ever before. Unlock professional precision with this essential, easy-to-use riveting block.

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